Mindshare by CSS

Mindshare designs, builds, supports, and maintains mission-critical dispatch systems for the public safety, campus, utilities, and transportation markets. Leveraging over 45 years of experience, Mindshare solutions include the MAXPlus G2 Dispatch Processor and Essential Dispatch Workstation. These state-of-the-art systems are built using a scalable, distributed architecture – ensuring there are no single points of failure.

Connecting Your Past, Present, and Future: Radio System Requirements and Demands The evolution of dispatch consoles is inevitable. Leased analog phone lines have given way to public/private switched IP networks. Gone are the cumbersome, space-consuming pieces of hardware with physical buttons and LED lights. Enter Mindshare dispatch consoles. These solutions enable you to bridge the gap between legacy and modern equipment with smaller, smarter, and more robust dispatch systems. Discover how these solutions can help you take full advantage of today’s technological advancements while preparing you for future growth by providing you with

  • Full support for both legacy analog (e.g., remote tone control [TRC] and E&M) and direct IP interfaces to modern digital radio systems
  • Complete interoperability between your legacy systems and Mindshare consoles that enables a fluid and seamless transition on your schedule – NO end-to-end, all at once overhaul needed
  • Ability to support both legacy and modern phone systems by leveraging shared protocols from standards-based digital radio interfaces and telephony
  • Simplifying radio and telephone operations using shared audio peripherals and a single user interface

Vendors and Solutions:
  • JPS Interoperability Solutions
  • MotoTrbo
  • ICOM
  • EFJohnson
  • Kenwood
  • Hytera
  • Tait Communications
  • P25
  • DMR
  • SIP Telephony
  • Auxiliary I/O
  • NXIP Gateway
  • And many more
Mindshare features include:
No System Size Limits

Mindshare consoles systems place zero restrictions on the number of operator positions available in a system. System sizing is flexible and may be expanded any time after initial development without penalty. It is a build as you grow approach.

No Central Controller

Mindshare consoles systems use a distributed architecture which does not rely on a central controller. Each component operates independently.

No Positions PCs

Mindshare console positions eliminate the need for a PC which is separate from the audio processor. The Mindshare console uses hardware built specifically for dispatch which integrates the audio processor and PC into a single device. Doing so provides a controlled solution which completely eliminates any variability introduced when using commercial off-the-shelf PCs.

No Single Point of Failure

As a result of the Mindshare console system’s distributed architecture, the system has no single point of failure. This guarantees continued operations if any piece of the system is taken offline.