Stancil Corp

Stancil Logging Recorders are installed worldwide, they have been a leader in the recording industry, driving solutions for the future of public safety and other industries requiring robust recording solutions. The Stancil Logging solution is known for its user friendly and intuitive interface. The next generation interface is closely developed with customer needs at the forefront. This makes for an easy to navigate application requiring minimal training.

The Stancil Logging recording solution is known for being extremely reliable. Running on the latest Microsoft .NET and newest editions of windows. WesTek uses a solid hardware platform that is approved by Stancil for which to run the recording system on.

Stancil as a solutions provider is known as supplying the most bullet proof logging recorder available in the recording market today. Always in development to include the latest standards and integrations. Making for a reliable solution for which to record and store your sensitive audio.

WesTek is authorized to provide installation and hardware solutions using the Stancil logging system and is the Sole Source provider in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.. This partnership allows for very affordable solutions to meet the needs of even the smallest centers. Request a quote today!

Stancil provides a Next Gen 911 (NG911) compatible system built on the latest i3 Standards. WesTek and Stancil are both NENA members and Stancil sits as Vice Chair for ICE 9 testing allowing for the best developed recording solutions. Stancil’s commitment to the NG911 solution has allowed them to become an industry leader helping to support and define interface standards that include NENA i3 solutions.

Vendors and Solutions:
  • Motorola
  • Tait
  • P25
  • Avtec
  • Zetron MAX Call taking
  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • West(Intrado)
  • Mitel
  • Avaya Encrypted
  • Mitel Encrypted
  • ECW
  • And many more
Stancil logging recorder features include:

Record all 9-1-1 communications which may include ANI/ALI information and cad data as part of a incident. Instant recall of active and completed calls makes for a very responsive solution. Standalone playback of calls based on time, date, location, and with included CAD data the call taker.


Record Analog, Digital, T1,and VoIP phone solutions seamlessly into a single recorder.


Record Analog, Digital, RoIP, and Motorola P25 audio including talk group and alias allowing for quick retrieval of recorded interaction by radio or position.

Text / SMS

Record SMS text messages based on current NENA i3 standards. Never have to hunt through multiple systems to reconstruct an incident again.

CAD Data

Integrated CAD data allows search of interactions by CAD ID and nature of the call. Save hours fulfilling public information requests!

Location Data

Search P25 radio communications and CTI or ANI/ALI calls based on the location of the device allowing for review of interactions by incident location.


Record video interactions and easily distribute for freedom of information requests. The Stancil SLR supports all defined NG9-1-1 media types.

Skillset Management

Computer generated selection of calls to be reviewed based on set criteria with customer forms or use the included APCO standard form. Store and review past reviews and stay up to date for pending reviews. Fully customizable users interactions, forms, etc.