Stancil Corp

Stancil Recorders are installed worldwide in some of the largest companies. Our customers continually meet their regulatory compliance and quality management requirements. Our products meet the highest levels of demands in terms of integration and service where accurate mission critical recording is imperative.

We have provided solutions with the high levels of interoperability with the major suppliers of Voice over IP (VOIP), Radio over IP (ROIP), Motorola validated P25 Trunked Radio Solutions as well as the traditional circuitry (analog, digital handsets, E1 and T1) systems. Working closely with the other manufacturers at ICE events, we have been able to ensure the Stancil Logger meets the current NG9-1-1 standards. This process is continually evolving and Stancil Corporation is committed to ensure the Stancil Logging Recorder meets future regulations.

Our unique and intuitive User Interface not only enables you to quickly recreate and redistribute scenarios to authorized parties but you can also view your recordings in a geo-location centric manner. This provides a very powerful view of your call distribution in a chronologically. Naturally, recordings can be seen in a multi-track view as well as dispatchers having instant access to their last recordings.

For compliance, the Stancil Logging Recorder can record the dispatcher/agent computer screen. This can be synchronized with the recorded audio to provide an accurate representation of how the call was handled. This coupled with our quality monitor package will ensure you will meet your QA requirements.